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Choir sings its heart out

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Tight-knit: Some of the members of Pacific Harmony with Santa backstage at their first performance at the 2013 Newcastle Permanent Carols by Candlelight.PACIFIC Harmony is a far cry from your ordinary choir.

“We’re a powerhouse gospel choir,” conductor and coach Komiti Time said.

Blending smooth island grooves from the Pacific Islands with warm harmonies from the heart of Africa, the choir’s 13 members come from far and wide.

Their roots include the Torres Strait Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Indonesia, the Philippines and Zimbabwe.

The choir’s members are all friends and family, which Mr Time said made the group tight-knit.

The Newcastle-based choir formed about four years ago in a garage, and has since exploded onto the city’s music scene.

Most of themembers play in other bands on the weekends, and come together as Pacific Harmony to performat pubs and clubs, weddings and charity gigs across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

All have a musical background, having grown up around music in church.

Mr Time was the driving force in assembling the choir.

“I got the best of the best together and away we went,” he said.

Mr Time, who is one third of trio Tre Soul, teaches all areas of the choir –the altos, sopranos, bassists and tenors –and works with the lead vocalists.

The choir gathers at least once a week, sometimes more if they have an upcoming gig, at NewcastlePresbyterian Churchin Lambton.

At the moment they are working hard on their set for the 2015 Newcastle Permanent Carols by Candlelight at Speers Point Park on December 13.

It will be the choir’s third carols performance, having debuted in 2012 –the group’sfirst major gig.

“It was amazing that year,” Mr Time said.

“The atmosphere was electric. It was packed –just a sea of people. You couldn’t see the grass.

“[The choir] had so much fun.”

They are back this year to perform classic Christmas carols with a twist.

The choir will perform First Noel with an R’n’B feel; Away in a Manger, backed by powerful vocals; and the Mariah Carey version ofO Holy Night, among others.

“It’s all the carols you would expect to hear, but with a Pacific Islander twist,” Mr Time said.

Pacific Harmony will be performing in the afternoon to late evening as part of this year’s bumper entertainment lineup.

There will be entertainment on stage from 1.30pm and plenty to keep the kids amused, including free face painting and activities as well as Frozen on the big screen.

Sarah De Bono andMorgan Evans will headline the evening concert from 6.30pm.

Lake Macquarie City Council presents Newcastle PermanentCarolsby Candlelight, Sunday, December 13, noon to 9pm at Speers Point Park.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

Top quality hay a surprise

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Rupanyup farmer and Grains Producer Australia’s Andrew Weidemann

WITH near perfect harvesting conditions for most of this week, we will see harvest finished on the Weidemann farm.

For the second time in the past two harvests, we have again finished inside November.

Although with plenty of hay making as wellover the past sevenweeks, it seems like a long harvest.

Amazingly the amount of grain we have been lucky enough to harvest was much better than we had thought possible, given the extreme final temperatures in September and early October.

The hay quality has been at the high end with some cereal hay producing better than 14 per centprotein, which I personally didn’t think possible in cereal hay until now.

The vetch hay has also been of very good quality and with greater than 20 per centprotein it was easily sold into the feed market.

The dry conditions have accelerated the need for feed across a fair amount of Victoria, which will consume a large amount of hay and grain over the next few months.

This will keep the pressure on the upside for feed grain and hay.

Once harvest is complete we will be shearing lambs to put out onto the stubbles for feed.

One of the challenges in 2016 will be the crop choice.

This season has seen a massive increase in pulse values on the back of a very big demand in India, which is currently driving prices to levels seen very rarely in the Wimmera over the past decade.

Market intelligence will be crucial in trying to understand what this market mightlook like at the end of 2016 and will influence the amount of pulse planted in 2016 in my opinion.

Onthe farm continues to be busy with my role at Grain Producers Australia looking at new regulations and policy around ag chemicals and multi-peril crop insurance.

This has been in the spotlight for some time and will certainly be a strong topic in 2016 as we start to see more companies offering various types of income protection products to farmers more broadly.

Here’s hoping 2016 is a wet year as we look to put a dusty 2015 to bed in just overa months’ time from now.

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Letters to the editor

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BURNING ISSUE: Angst over the future-defining Murray-Darling Basin Plan continues to smoulder across local irrigation communities.Name and shame cuplritsTHE people who trashed the woman’s house at Turvey Park recently should have their names and photos printed in your paper.

Name and shame them.

E PattersonGerringongTime to take stockWAGGACity Council must tighten its belt and put on hold all projects that cannot be afforded, and these include the Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics (RiFL) Hub, equine projects, Bolton Street sports complex, Lake Albert and the community art projects.I attended the levee community forum last week and council should take out a loan to pay for it and not subject the residents and ratepayers toa special rate variation.

Jeff StienWaggaThe halal conspiracyMY LETTER last week was censored and this removed a very relevant fact.

Halal certification that is attached to a huge percentage of our food attracts a “Muslim tax” .

Wages are paid to Muslims so we can slaughter stock in a particular way so they can eat the meat.

Huge sums of money are paid from many food processors to make our perfectly good food Muslim-friendly.

Now I think that’s bad enough, but this money is used to build mosques and Muslim schools that unashamedly discriminate against Australian Christian kids.

Our kids will never be able to attend theseschools and we all know that if we built schools that Muslims couldn’t attend, we would find ourselves in huge trouble and called racist to boot.

Anton HutchinsonTarcuttaStand up for futureHOW many politicians have been listening to some of the dialogue surrounding senate hearings into the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, which are presently underway?

The plan is being described as a national disaster, as well as a crisis that is crippling communities, breaking up families and destroying businesses.

A small group of senators attending the hearings are sympathetic to the plight of these communities.

However, if we are to achieve the change that we need, many more politicians must start sitting up and taking notice.

We have communities and food producers in despair as millions of litres of water are sent out to sea, yet scientists are unable to demonstrate the environmental benefit.

In the interest of our future generations who expect us to leave a legacy of food security, I appeal to all politicians to take heed of the crisis we have created with knee-jerk reactions to the millennium drought.

Let’s do something about it before food producers and the communities which rely on them are destroyed.

Karen MacdonaldBlightyWe mustthink of othersTHIS year as we finish our Christmas shopping, please spare a thought for others.

Once you’ve bought a Kris Kringle for a workmate, a quirky gift for your brother-in-law or any of the presents you need for family and friends, consider one more gift for someone who really needs it.

One more gift to Red Cross will help ensure an older or isolated person gets a phone call every day to check they’re OK, clean water for a young child in a remote village in Myanmar, or a shower and a meal for a teenager sleeping rough.

This Christmas I urge everyone to consider making one more gift to Red Cross by calling 1800 811 700.

Jody BrounExecutive director, NSWAustralian Red CrossThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

TasFoods takes legal action over VDL sale

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Related:-Legal action considered after failed VDL bid

TASFOODS Limited will take legal action over the sale of Van Diemens Land Company.

TasFoods this morning announced the company had obtained an interim injunction from the Supreme Court of Victoria restraining the sale of VDL.

The injunction will be held in place until Wednesday when the matter is scheduled for a hearing in court.


TasFoods also said in a statement to the ASX that it would also be taking legal advice as to its right of damages against the Tasmanian Land Company and VDL current owner New Plymouth District Council.

The Australian company was first announced as the successful company in purchasing VDL for $250 million earlier this month.

However it was revealed on Friday New Plymouth District Council’s investment arm Taranaki Investment Management Limited had sold thecompany to a private foreign company.

Today’s announcement by TasFoods said the foreign company offered less for the sale of VDL than what TasFoods offered.

See more in tomorrow’s edition ofThe Advocate

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Camden District Cricket Association results – November 21

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Teams resumed play in the Camden and District Cricket Association competition on Saturday.

Junior results:

Under 10 Green — Tahmoor Gold 79 def Ingleburn 61 (N. Sathiah1-2, L. Duffy 1-2, Zarif 2-3), Cobbitty Narellan 64 def Bradbury 34, Collegians 3-62 def Cobbitty Narellan White 3-53 (S. Martyn 1-4, A. Peeters 1-4, Sean 1-7, Claire 1-6, Abbey 1-9), Camden 70 def by Tahmoor Black 83 (P. Ward 9, D. Lee 6, J. Saggers 6, N. Stewart 1-7, P. Ward 1-12, B. Beveridge 15, J. Spragg 14, C. Parker 1-5, B. Beveridge 1-6).

Under 10 White — Cobbitty Narellan 57 def Tahmoor 53 (T. Fenn 2-6, M. Hockey 1-9, Z. Condon 1-6, O. Cox 1-7).

Under 10 Red (round 7) — Ingleburn 67 def Magpies 32 (W. Cosis 15*, A. Salian 15*, J. Lawrence 2-1, D. Liyange 1-1* & 10*, J. Dash 1-9, B. Khandharixay 1-15),Camden White 39 def by Camden Red 68 (K. Hughes 15, F. Williams 7, F. Williams 2-6, T. Gill 1-5, R. Kingsell 15, B. Kitchen 12, J. Sheehan 1-1, R. Kingsell 1-4), Camden Blue 8 def by Cobbitty Narellan 69 (N. Henley 5, J. Large 4, G. Davidson 1-5, N. Henley 1-7, L. Stanley 18, J. Malvern 6, M. Cox 2-3, Z. Kadir 2-4).

Under 11’s — CNCC Blue 4-56 def Ingleburn RSL 6-54 (S. Sussman 19*, M. Fitzgibbon 1-2, B. McCallum 1-2), Tahmoor Gold 159 def Camden Blue (W. Taylor 1-8, J. Pollard 42*, H. Mason 37*, J. Pollard 2-5, C. Thistleton 1-3), CNCC Gold 89 def Magpies 88 (T. Harvey 14* & 2-4, A. Stonebridge 2-4, S. Gelder 2-3, L. Shipley 2-10), Tahmmor White 7-98 def Oran Park 6-73 (Z. Samoracz 24*& 1-4, F. Stacks 16*, B. Abdy 2-4, J.Wells 1-4), Camden Red 4-143 def Tahmoor Black 7-70 (D. Langdon-Mayhew 53*, L. Coward 40, J. Evans 2-4, S. Warwick 1-2, L. Meek 38*, D. Kelly 5, M. Bailey 1-8, L. Hollingworth 1-23).

Under 12/1’s — CNCC 2-138 def Magpies 6-97 (D. Pearce 1-6, L. Bush 2-16, H. Garroick 1-15, T. Waights 57*, T. Grant 31*, S. Khatter 30, B. Roth 23), Camden Red 7-82 def by Camden Blue 3-89 (M. Weerasingham 15, T. Schofield 11*, L. Campbell 2-8, T. Schofield 1-11, J. Low 32*, R. Wood 22, J. Low 2-7, R. Wood 1-4).

Under 12/2’s — Campbelltown westerners 94 def by Collegians 107, Tahmmor 9-91 def Bradbury 8-83 (J. DeMeio 4-5, J. Donaldson 25, F. Eva 41), Camden 9-80 def by Ingleburn RSL 2-135 (L. Wright 14, H. Keys 7, H. Keys 1-9, J. Murphy 50*, D. Stone 20, J. Murphy 3-9, F. Wade 2-10).

Under 14/1’s — Tahmoor 9-79 def Magpies 57 (W. Salzman 30, N. Hobden 2-5, B. Hanndunnethi 2-10, J. Stein 3-1, L. Clough 1-2), Collegians 130 def by Camden Red 132 (J. Smith 27, A. Harvey 23 not out, C. Barnes 22, C. Malone 3-10, J. Campbell 1-11, L. Reynolds 1-14, C. Malone 47, L. Jayawardena 26, H. Fazio 10, C. Barnes 2-22, E. Armstrong 1-9, M. Harris 1-16).

Under 14/2’s — CNCC 7-118 def Bradbury 5-83 (J. Schonell 32 & 2-6, J. Taber 19, D. Brown 2-1, L. May 2-6 & 19, D. Brown 25, L. Falconer 1-2), Magpies 7-139 def Camden Blue 8-114 (M. Cooper 31*, E. Hollis 31 & 2-9, C. Ha 3-14, T. Pinnington 1-4 & 24, H. Williams 39, O. Rami 2-11), Collegians 97 def Tahmoor 92 (W. Ramage 20, L. Kennedy 13, R. King 2-9, B. Jarvis 3-8, B. Jarvis 48, T. Dwyer 6, S. Young 2-3), Camden Red 133 def Oran Park 55 (A. Peenz 23, D. O’Brien 20, T. Irwin 4-2, J. DeLivera 2-3, G. Youl 20, E. Aquillina 11, B. Trou 2-14, H. Burnett 1-4).

Under 14/3’s — CNCC 9-63 def Magpies 65 (H. McCauliffe 2-6, B. Ponting 2-8, T. Brien 1-2, T. Gill 1-3), Campbelltown Westerners 3-140 def Ingleburn RSL 80 & 6-30 (A. Hillman 52*, B. George 24, A. Ajineh 2-2, S. Malone 2-9).

Under 16/1’s — Tahmoor Black 8-120 def by Collegians 4-222 (D. Hoderson 3-23, A. Denniss 1-7, N. Heberston 107*, I. Carlisle 67, S. Smillie 2-22, K. Hoffmeister 1-28), Magpies – bye.

Under 16/2’s — Campbelltown Westerners 8-79 def by Camden Blue 6-86 (J. O’Grady Shorten 29, M. Saunders 17 & 3-10), Campbelltown RSL 2-150dec def Ingleburn RSL 23 & 55 (H. Hamid 51ret, S. Shatter 39, D. Randall 22, B. Milgate 2-0, R. Vashisht 3-4), Collegians 3- 95 def Magpies 87 (J. Wallace 2-8, J. Fetterplace 2-14, D. Shipley 2-16 and 8-26, R. Lester, 3-8, J. Fetterplace 2-5, T. Kennaugh 2-7, D. Shipley ret 50, B. Dezevlen 17), Camden Red 6-118 def by Cobbitty Narellan 5-134 (C. Ismay 50 (retired), F. Brown 12, T. Mayer 2-6, F. Brown 1-10, J. Vella 39, R. Maginn-Dawson 21, N. Mulloso 1-3, N. Mullan 1-4).

Senior results:

First grade — MFCC 3-49 vs Bradbury 9-340 (J. Isakka 59, D. Harding 51, D. Thomas 58, B. Isakka 74*), CNCC vs Westerners 9-152, Ingleburn RSL 156 vs Tahmoor 3-51 (T. O’Brien 5-35), Campbelltown westerners 154 vs Cobbitty Narellan (J. Bowler 56*), Camden 199 vs Cobbitty Park 2-22.

Second grade — Collegians 150 vs Ingleburn RSL 5-68, Campbelltown Westerners 1-19 vs Cobbitty Narellan 258 (C. Dalzeil 89), Camden 91 vs Campbelltown RSL 1-47 (N. Triffitt 5-25), Bradbury 112 vs Magpies 6-212 (Pearsall 6-22, B. Perkins 71, C. Stewart 53).

Third grade — MFCC 134 vs Collegians 3-137, CNCC 91 vs Campbelltown RSL 2-27, Ingleburn RSL 211 vs Tahmoor 0-7, Collegians 3-137 vs Macquarie Fields 134, Cobbitty Park 130 vs Oran Park 6-58.

Fourth grade — MFCC 9-217 vs Oran Park 4-16 (N. Hyland 54), Campbelltown Westerners 280 vs Ingleburn RSL (T. Chifney 78), Collegians 153 vs Campbelltown RSL 0-40.

Fifth grade — MFCC 166 vs Bradbury 0-13 (R. Parvatkar 55, Rohit 55), CNCC 252 vs Magpies (C. Holt 101), Ingleburn RSL 3-64 vs Oaks Burragorang 109.

Sixth grade — MFCC 242 vs Campbelltown RSL 0-9 (S. Hollier107, A. Kanj 91), Tahmoor 5-60 vs Cobbitty Narellan 136 (C. Welbourn 5-20), Ingleburn RSL 2-32 vs Bradbury 141, Magpies 198 vs Collegians 3-78 (Z. McMahon 135).

Seventh grade — CNCC 9-246 vs Collegians (C. Ralston 101, K. Berrenger 66*), Campbelltown Westerners 7-212 vs Ingeburn 4-23) (N. Froome 51, A. Levi 65), Camden 85 vs Cobbitty Park 3-24, Phoenix 99 vs St Andrews 9-102 (D. Shaw 7-11, N. Sanchez 7-14).

Eighth grade — MFCC 3-37 vs Magpies 214 (M.Tape 81, S. Carre 5-37), Phoenix 264 vs Westerners 2-61 (C. Dimoulas 107), Magpies 214 vs Macquarie Fields 3-37 (M. Tape 81), The Oaks Burragorang 177 vs Camden 5-48 (R. Odgers 72).

Ninth grade — Tahmoor 138 vs Collegians 1-13, Collegians 1-12 vs Tahmoor 138, Campbelltown Westerners 134 vs Cobbitty Narellan 6-168, Camden 0-18 vs Cobbitty Narellan 270 (Faubert 150), Cambelltown RSL 130 vs The Oaks Burragorang 2-35

Tenth grade — Collegians 175 vs Cobbitty Narellan 7-22, Ingleburn RSL 5-213 (D. Martin 69, C. Miner 53*), Macarthur St Andrews 159 vs OPCC 0-10 (D. Placanica 6-28, S. Araco 3-23, R. Clarke 55).

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Bowlers dominate

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A BRILLIANT bowling performance enabled Creeks to claim the spoils from JPC in the Singleton District Cricket Association at Howe Park on Saturday.

After setting a competitive 149, Creeks ripped through their opponents in 26 overs to secure a 97-run victory.

HOWZAT: The cricket action was hot at the Cook Park precinct on Saturday afternoon, with matches in all three grades.

Earlier in proceedings, Chris Unicomb (11) and Myles Cook (43) set the platform with an opening stand of 45.

Although Graham Unicomb (0) and Bayden Mulholland (4) came and went quickly, the side’s middle order held it together.

Chad Solman (24), Hayden Edwards(27), Stuart Plant (16) and Gavin Wake (16)all chipped in to allow Creeks to reach149.

Lachlan Charnock was the pick of the JPC bowlers, snaring 3-20.

He received strong support from Adam Connell (3-43) and Marius Botha (2-12).

If JPC had any aspirations of a win, they faded almost instantly.

Botha (1), Nathan Levy (2) and Dean Jones (8) all departed with just 12 on the board.

Then Daine Cowburn and Edwards finished off their rivals.

Only Josh Harvey (10) and Connell (10) offered any resistance.

Edwards captured 3-4 and Cowburn 3-15, while Blake Cook took 2-17.

A closer tussle ensued at Cook Park 3 between Valley and PCH.

Valley won the toss and opted to bat first.

Despite a slow start, being 2-31, theside picked up momentum, thanks toChris Skilton, Jacob Carey and DanielStorey.

Carey led the charge with a brilliant knock of 90.

It consisted of two sixes and 10 boundaries.

Skilton contributed 21 and Storey 28.

Alex Sheen also added a handy 17 not out to the total of 193.

Barton Jones finished with the figures of 4-42, while Daniel Oldknow and Tarus Maskey picked up 2-35 and 2-44 respectively.

PCH slipped to 6-60, despite Oldknow’s 29.

Andrew Winsor stepped in to stop the rot with a well-compiled 51, which featured one six and seven boundaries.

But, it was not enough as the team wasbundled out for 133 – 60 runs short of themark.

Skilton and Sheen backed up their efforts with the bat with 5-28 and 2-17.

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Work on water awarded

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STATE’S BEST: Chair of the state government’s coastal expert panel, Bruce Thom, left, with council’s Greg Giles and Tony Farrell. LAKE Macquarie CityCounciland local community volunteers have won an award for improving lake water quality and protectingcommunities from flooding and coastal hazards.

The annual NSW Coastal ManagementAwardsrecognise the contributions individuals and organisations make toward the ecologically sustainable management of the state’scoastal zone.

Lake Macquarie CityCouncil’s sustainability manager, Alice Howe, saidcouncilwon the local governmentawardfor demonstrated excellence and innovation in coastal management.

“This is a wonderful acknowledgement forcouncil,” Dr Howe said.

‘’We have integrated the management of the coast, the lake and the channel into a single coastal zone management plan.

“It will help protect those things most valued by residents – clean water, access to beaches, foreshore living, healthy dunes and wetlands – from erosion, floods, sea-level rise and over-development.”

The Lake Macquarie Landcare Network and Marks Point and Belmont South Local Adaptation Plan Community Working Group were jointly recognised as highly commended in the category of community involvement.

“Our community volunteers have contributed greatly to protecting and improving bushlands, wetlands and dunes across the city and protecting the community from lake flooding and future sea-level rise,” Dr Howe said.

The Landcare Network supports residents working in almost 300 local Landcare groups, while the Marks Point and Belmont South Community Working Group are residents who volunteered to work withcouncilto develop anaward-winning local adaptation plan to protect the community from lake flooding and future sea-level rise.

“The draft adaptation plan, which is currently on public exhibition, is the result of five years of planning and 18 months of extensive collaboration betweencounciland local residents,” Dr Howe said.

For more details, and to have your say on the draft adaptation plan for Marks Point and Belmont South visitthe council website haveyoursaylakemac苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛

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Quality rewarded at Benalla

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BENALLAYoung ewes to $248Ewe lambs to $207 Anne and Tony Mort, Mardie, Winton, had the top-priced and best presented pen of 1.5 year-old ewes.

COMPETITION was strongat the 10,000-head yarding at Benalla’s annualsheep sale.

Rodwells Benalla branch manager John Gregory said last Friday’s priceswere strong forthe exceptional quality 1.5 year-old first-cross ewes, ewe lambs, older ewes, Merinos, fattening lambs and rams.

“There were no extreme highs, but it was very strong right throughout,” he said.

Mr Gregorywaspleased with the sheep’scondition andsaid they were drawnShepparton, Wangaratta, Euroa and Strathbogie –areasthatwere having a relatively good season.

TB Whites & Sons’ Phil Shaw with clients Geoffrey and Bill Inverarity, Newlyn, who purchased older ewes for lambing ease.

Buyersfrom central Victoria, the north-east,alpine areas, Gippsland and southern NSW pushed prices to $248 a head for 1.5yo first-cross ewes. The top price was again achieved by Tony and Anne Mort, Mardie, Winton, for their pen of 100September shorn, ex-classed Riverina ewes by Rettalack Border Leicester rams, which were knocked down to Rodwells Shepparton. The Morts’first pen of 136 head, same breeding, made the second highest price of $244 (purchased by Corcoran Parker Mansfield agent Daniel Craddock)and was awarded the best 1.5yo ewepen.

The Hayes family, Tarcombe Herefords, Tarcombe, also achieved notable prices for their 1.5yo ewes, October shorn, by Kelso Superborder rams, ex Bramble ewes. Their 535-head draft made $230 for 200, $214 for 267 and $188 for 68.

Other highlights included I&H Hill, Strathbogie, whose 1.5yo ewes by Black Gate Border Leicester rams made $228 for their first pen of 265 and $194 for second pen of 80 head. Account Waverley, Winton, consigned 502-head draft that made $216-$224.

Tim and father Rob Hayes, Tarcombe Herefords, Tarcombe, with their first pen of 267 first-cross ewes that made $214.

Despite someewe lambs showing the effects of a patchy season,there were still impressive lots sold.Account Avondale, Broken Creek, consignedMay/June droplambs,ex Riverina and WA bred ewes by Cypress Vale Border Leicester rams, and their first penwas divided into a run of 150 that made $207, and 50 that made $170. Their seconds, 158 head, made $144.

Competition wassubdued for older ewes, with a pen of 73 2.5yo first-cross ewes from Clover Lea Pastures, Lurg, making $160. Their 4.5yo ewes made $146, and were bought by Geoffrey and Bill Inverarity, whotraveled from Newlyn.

Rodwells livestock manager Rob Bolton called the bids of buyers who came from the north-east and further afield.

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Smith Street boarding house rules: photos

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Smith Street boarding house rules: photos BOARDING HOUSE: An iconic property in Smith Street Wollongong that has operated as a boarding house for more than 30 years, will be auctioned next month. Picture: Supplied

BOARDING HOUSE: An iconic property in Smith Street Wollongong that has operated as a boarding house for more than 30 years, will be auctioned next month. Picture: Supplied

BOARDING HOUSE: An iconic property in Smith Street Wollongong that has operated as a boarding house for more than 30 years, will be auctioned next month. Picture: Supplied

BOARDING HOUSE: An iconic property in Smith Street Wollongong that has operated as a boarding house for more than 30 years, will be auctioned next month. Picture: Supplied

BOARDING HOUSE: An iconic property in Smith Street Wollongong that has operated as a boarding house for more than 30 years, will be auctioned next month. Picture: Supplied

BOARDING HOUSE: An iconic property in Smith Street Wollongong that has operated as a boarding house for more than 30 years, will be auctioned next month. Picture: Supplied

BOARDING HOUSE: An iconic property in Smith Street Wollongong that has operated as a boarding house for more than 30 years, will be auctioned next month. Picture: Supplied

BOARDING HOUSE: An iconic property in Smith Street Wollongong that has operated as a boarding house for more than 30 years, will be auctioned next month. Picture: Supplied

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Leura has bus blues

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Leura residents have urged council to buy avacant block on the entry ramp to the Mall tosolve the problem of tourist buses in the town.

But council says the land can’t be used as a parking area and it doesn’thave time to formally consider a report before the auction, which is scheduled forFriday.

The land at12-14 Great Western Highway would be perfect, according to Lorraine Droga. She isone of a group campaigningto get touristcoaches away from the crowded shopping area where they often block sight lines for car drivers trying to exit the main carpark.

Under the group’sgrand plan, the land at number 12 could be used as a drop off/pick up point, encouragingtourists to walk down the Mall, rather than just dash into the toilets and Woolworths from Megalong Street, as they currently do.

And a cottage on the land at number 14 could be converted to a tourist information office with toilet facilities.

But a council spokeswoman said land use zones would not allow a carpark.

“A technical assessment of the site also suggests that it would be unsuitable for use as a tourist bus parking facility as proposed by the Leura Village Association,” she said.

“In addition, the Local Government Act requires the council to formally consider a report and pass a resolution prior to buying or selling property.

“Irrespective of any merit of the proposal and funding considerations, this is not practically possible prior to the auction date of Friday,November 27.”

She said the local traffic committee willrecommend that the current tourist bus zones in Megalong Street are changed to“tourist bus zone, drop off pick up, 10 minute (8.30am – 6pm)”.

The committee will also suggest betterline marking of driveways, turning paths and no stopping zones along Megalong Street, to helpdrivers leavingthe carpark as well as to better manage buses.

Council has saidthe bus issuewill bereviewed in the 2016/17 financial year in a wider study that will consider longer termsolutions to traffic and bus issues.

Leura lottery: Buses often block the view of drivers trying to get out of the Woolworths carpark.

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Girls shine at regional titles

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Well done: All smiles at the regional championships are Paige Eggins, Charlotte Dedden, Amelia Roklitzer, Clare McDonald and Brodie McCluskey. Congratulations to all the girls who competed in the Regional Championships in Nowra.Levels 1 and 2 received ribbons according to scoring aimed at personal best results.

Level 1:Participating in their first competition were Tegan Ricketts, Talika Irvine and Madilyn Turner.Level 2:Matilda Boland, Emilie Vaughan and Olive Wilson.

Level 3 Junior:Brodie McCluskeyplaced 6thon vault and Amelia Roklitzer placed 3rdon vault.

Level 3 Senior:Paige Eggins, Charlotte Dedden who placed 5thon bars and 4thon beam, Clare McDonald who placed 4thon vault, 3rdon bars, 6thon beam and 4th placeoverall.

Level 4 Junior:Hailey Barker placed 5thon bars, and 5thon floor while Annabelle Healy placed 6thon bars, 5thon beam and 7thoverall.

Level 4 Senior:Casey Dorrell, Chloe Scott who placed 5thon vault and Alysha Sawyer whoplaced 6thon vault.

Competition on the day was strong and the girls performed extremely well. We are very proud of your achievements!

We have a date for our End of Year Display -Friday, December 11. All details will be posted on our Facebook page. Please bring all your family and friends along to watch the showcase of talent that the children have learned and practised throughout the year. The Christmas raffle, which is full of some wonderful gifts, will be drawn that night.

Thank you to all the parents and carers for your support throughout the year. As a not for profit organisation our club relies on volunteers.

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Changes to youth payment will help

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EASTERN Eyre Peninsulafamilies will be better off after the removal of the family assets test and family actual means test from the Youth Allowance personal application.

Lock resident Sally Zacher said the changes would make it easier on her family when her kids went off to tertiary study next year.

“Next year we will have twochildren at university, and to have new legislationhelp us with the cash costing of having children away would be amazing, it would take the pressure of us,” she said.

Federal parliament last week passed the legislative changeswith bipartisan support, meaning thousands more young people will qualify for an average annual youth payment of more than $7000 a year.

Students will also benefit from the removal of the means test and couldreceive Youth Allowance for the first time orget$2000 more each year. Thechanges alsomean families with farms won’thave their farm assets counted in the means test.

The changesapply tofamilieswith dependent children receiving youth payments including Youth Allowance,ABSTUDY Living Allowance, and Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme.

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Summer sport action

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Summer sport on the West Coast is in full swing with junior and senior tennis matches played across the region. Ceduna Dirt Circuit held the final race meeting for 2015, with spectacular close calls for spectators.

BACKHAND: Bronwyn Workman tests her skills during her tennis match.

BIG HIT: Tara Rogers uses her force against her opponant.

DOUBLES: Jodi Burnett serves for Denial Bay.

SERVE: Harlee Chandler sets up a powerful serve for Westies Black.

ON THE RUN: Adam Hoffrichter chases the ball for Westies Gold.

WAITING: Andrea Baldock waits for the right time to return the ball to her opponent.

PARADE LAP: Shawne Page enjoyed a parade lap at Ceduna Dirt Circuit final race meeting last weekend.

RACING: Danika Davis and Sandy Singh battle it out on the circuit last Saturday night.

FATHER AND SON: Justin Woollatt and Josh Woollatt enjoyed a lap around the circuit.

RIDE: Ruby Lee, Daisy Lane and Tora Stott enjoyed their ride around the citcuit.

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