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Draft expert tips four Riverina teens to go

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TOP TALENT: Jack Irvine, Matt Flynn, Jock Cornell, Matt Kennedy and Charlie Bance are all NSW-ACT representatives. Picture: Laura HardwickAFL Draft expert Callum Twomey predicts at least four Riverina teenagers will make AFL lists in Tuesday night’s National Draft.

Twomey writes for the AFL website and is renowned for his expertise in the under 18 talent and has given The Daily Advertiser his thoughts on Riverina’s top five chances.

He believes Tuesday night shapes as a big win for AFL in the Riverina.

“It looks exceptional for the Riverina and obviously the Giants will be the main beneficiary of that,” he said.

“It’s exciting times for the area.”

Jacob Hopper: I think with Jacob a bid will come within the first 10 selections and GWS will match that first pick. Jacob’s had a terrific year where he has shrugged off injuries to play consistent football. Bids will come potentially from Brisbane, perhaps Carlton then if not then Adelaide will pull the trigger on him, then GWS will match it, even thought it will cost them some points, he’s too good of a player not to pick up.

Matt Kennedy: I think the way it’s probably going to pan out, the Draft is going to look a lot different than it has the last couple of years and with the bidding, Kennedy probably becomes the second player bid for from the Giants. Some clubs even rate Kennedy before Hopper. It won’t make too much difference when the bid comes, the Giants will match it and he will become a Giants player. He’s a remarkable story.

Matt Flynn: I think Matt will be picked up and he could go around the 30 mark. There are not many ruckmen around and he’s probably the second best ruckman available. There is definitely a proscribe about ruckmen and pickng up ruckmen in the Draft, there’s a thought that you’re better of going through Free Agency or waiting a couple of years down the track but Matt is the most complete ruckman this year. Western Bulldogs have looked into him as a possible bidder, they’re looking for a ruckman and have made no secret about that. It will then be up to GWS to match the bid.

Harry Himmelberg: I think he gets drafted and someone will bid on him in the 25-30 range. At that point it will be fascinating to see if GWS match it. They won’t want to go into deficit with their points because there are a lot of good Academy players to come in the next couple of years. The AFL grand final put the finishing touches on Harry’s season, which had ups and downs. He’s going to make an athletic key forward and has been compared to Cam McCarthy.

Jock Cornell: I think he’s probably more of a rookie list chance. He’s had some good games and some quiet games through the year but what he has shown is that he can kick goals, and get a lot of ball across half forward. The Bombers have been linked to him, they obviously know the family pretty well, so he may end up there.

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Plea for Premier to reverse Rio Tinto’s Warkworth ‘original sin’

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Premier Mike Baird visits the town of Bulga with Planning Minister Rob Stokes in April 2015. Photo: Marina NeilPremier Mike Baird has been called on to prevent Rio Tinto from destroying endangered woods near a Hunter Valley coalmine that it promised to conserve just 12 years ago.

The mining giant agreed to an adjacentnon-disturbance area (NDA) of forest as part ofapproval conditions in 2003 for the expansion of its Mount ThorleyWarkworth coalmine.

Rio Tinto’s Mount Thorley-Warkworth coalmine in the Hunter Valley.

Rio Tinto, though, had no timelimit on submittingits deed of agreement with Singleton Council to protect the land. In 2013, the deed’sterms were quietly amended with the O’Farrell government’s consent, opening the way for RioTinto to apply toclear part of the area as part of an expansionof its open-cut mine.

Asidefrom preserving the ironbark woods, the clause provided a buffer for residents in the nearby village of Bulga, who oppose the project extension. See NDA1 in dark green in the map below.

“That is the original sin of Rio Tinto,” JohnKrey, president of the BulgaMilbrodaleProgress Association, said. “They broke their promise, which was supposedly gilt-edged.”

‘Last-ditch effort’

Mr Krey’s group has written to Mr Baird and Planning Minister Rob Stokes in “a last ditch effort” to have the government intervene to reimpose the original offset condition. The letters come just weeks before the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC)is due to release its final decision on whether to approve Rio Tinto’splans.

A version of the proposed expansion was twice knocked back by the courts before the Coalition government reduced the ability of mine opponents to challenge projects in the courts.

“I understand the concerns and have listened first-hand to the community,” Mr Baird said, declining to respond directly to the plea and noting the verdict now sits with the independent PAC.

“Co-existence is important and we must get the balance right …That is why we recently changed the government planning policy on mining to ensure that environmental, social and economic matters are given equal weight in the assessment process.”

Mr Stokes echoed Mr Baird’scomments.

‘Totally corrosive’

Rio Tinto said the original deed was an early attempt at biodiversity offsetting and does not reflect current policy.

“Mining in this area is critical to the future of Mount Thorley Warkworth, which provides work for 1300 people and supports hundreds of other businesses,” a spokesman for Rio Tinto said.

Agovernment source said thatas the original deed had been set aside by the two parties involved –the O’Farrell government and Rio Tinto –there was nowlittle that could be done since RioTinto would not agree to a reversal.

“It’s an ethical issue,” the source said. “[The deed] did establish a pathway to certainty.”

Such modifications to development plans were “totally corrosive of the public’s credibility in the system”.

Opposition environment spokeswomanPenny Sharpeagreed that “it’s caseslike these that undermine the integrity of mining approvals”.

“It is not enough for Premier Baird andMinister Stokes to visit a community andsay they are listening when behind the scenes the government is ignoring previous agreements andwaving the project through,” Ms Sharpe said.”[The] government needs to take steps to ensure this cannot happen again.”

Going underground

Mr Krey said that should the PAC approve the mine’s expansion, it could requireRio Tinto restore its original pledge to protect the woodland as a condition of its approval.

Rio Tinto would still be able tomine underground,providingjobs and revenue for the state while preserving the ecology, Aboriginal heritage of the siteand the buffer for Bulga, he said.

“That land should be designated as a non-disturbance area as it was before,” he said.

Rio Tinto, though,would have to make a fresh application.

“They just want to sell it anyway,” Mr Kreysaid, noting widespread speculation the miner is seeking to dumpits Hunter Valley coal assets.

Rio Tinto saidthe mine is now 4.5 kilometres from Bulga and it would still be 2.6 kilometres away by 2031 if its expansion plan gets the nod.

However, as reported by Fairfax Media in April,Rio Tinto has alreadyscopedout a further expansion of the mine, which would destroy the remaining part of the NDAand bring the mine within 500 metres of the town of Bulga.

Fine print

The original deed of agreementwas in additionto the conditions of consent for the 2003 expansion of the mine and requiredRio Tinto to have the Singleton Local Environment Plan amended to create a “new conservation zone”:

However, without a time limit, Rio Tinto never submitted the deed to Singleton Council.

Then, in October 25, 2013, then planning minister Brad Hazzard approved the amendment,even as the Supreme Court was hearing Rio Tinto’s appeal of a decision against the miner by the Land and Environment Court, Mr Krey said.

The key clause–obtained underfreedom of information –is shown below:

“I don’t think there isany doubt that they always intended to mine it,” MrKreysaid.

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Shedding light on the forgotten tragedy

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MEMORY LIVES ON: Ravhel Rymer getting a copy of ‘The Kapooka Tragedy’ signed by author John Sheahan at last week’s discussion at the library. Picture: Riley Krause.Wagga authorJohn Sheahan recently visited the Griffith City Library to talk abouthis book ‘The Kapooka Tragedy.’

He discussedthe tragic events that took place on that day and the events that transpiredover the next six decades.

The Kapooka Tragedy occurred whentrainee sappers (engineers) and Royal Australian Engineers Training Centre staff were conducting training in the preparation of hand charges when a massive explosion destroyed the dugout they were in, and killed 26 men. One man inside the bunker survuved

What happened afterwardwas what is still the biggest military funeral on Australian soil.

It took 45 minutes for the trucks to go through Wagga. Four flat bed trucks carrying six or seven coffins.

During research for the book Mr Sheahan spoke to many families associated with those tragically killed that day and said there was one thing that really stuck with him.

“It was almost without exception that the people I spoke to, who were children, nieces and nephews, they were angry,” he said.

“They were really angry about what happened afterwards, which was nothing.

“I really began to see that there were two tragedies, what happened on the day and the silence that happened for the next 60 years.

“The accident of the men isn’t mentioned in any official history, no unit history and until 1992 there was no physical memorial anywhere.”

He said he wasproud of having written the book, butnearly didn’t.

“I talked to this historian and he said you should write about the Kapooka tragedy, and I was like what tragedy,” he said.

“The local historian then told me to go walk in the cemetery.

“There were 26 blokes all with that same date.

“I came outside and there was a roll of honour and I looked down that list and thought ‘you guys could be anybody and I want to get to know you.’

“What I’ve tried to do in writing the book is acknowledge their memory, their sacrifice, but also to acknowledge the families.”

Mr Sheahan said after all these years, there are still questions yet to be answered surrounding the event.

“One of the questions that the inquiry into the matterwas why the explosives were in the dugout in the first place, to which there was no conclusion,” he said.

“The other question is how did they blow up, and again they came to no conclusion.

“Now people have differing opinions about this, but the technical advice is that those couldn’t blow up unless a detonator was used.”

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New security measures for Goulburn jail

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AN action plan has been developed for Goulburn Correctional Centre following an independent review of the complex.

The review was ordered by the commissioner of Corrective Services after an inmate escaped the correctional facility by cutting through a metal gate and strapping a pillow to his stomach to scale a razor wire fence in August.

Goulburn Correctional Centre was deemed to be operating at a high level of security and control, however attention and remedial action would be required in some areas of physical and electronic security, governance, assurance and procedural security.

Physical security measures to be reinforced include additional razor wire in strategic locations, infrastructure to provide greater protection for locking mechanisms and the installation of superior fencing fabric.

Specific towers are now being staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Extra cameras will be introduced to the facility and existing camera coverage will be adjusted, body scanning technology will be used on inmates and the management of alarms and alerts will be improved.

Procedural concerns will address the duties of control room staff, imposing stricter accountability for tools in workshops and the frequency of emergency management training for staff will be increased.

These changes and recommendations will be overseen by a steering committee, comprised of Corrective Services NSW assistant commissioner of custodial corrections and the assistant commissioner of security and intelligence.

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New phone app for traveller safety

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Neil Wallace is the creator of a new Travel Aware App. Photo supplied

A NEW travel safety app that connects travellers with overseas emergency services and embassies at the touch of a button, and can translate critical emergency questions into the local language, has been unveiled at the launch of the Travel Aware App.

In the event of a terrorist attack, accident, natural disaster, or crime, Travel Aware provides international travellers with important emergency information, contacts for 2172 embassies worldwide, translations of key emergency phrases in over 200 languages, and secure storage of passport and insurance details.

Travel Aware App, engineer and inventor Neil Wallace said he designed the app after identifying a need for people to seek help quickly and easily if they are caught up in an emergency situation overseas.

“The App has been in development for more than three years and the launch has been planned for months, however, the terrible situation with the recent terrorist attacks in Paris has highlighted how beneficial this app could be,” Mr Wallace said.

“They say hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Imagine being stuck in another country during a major natural disaster or terrorist attack, without knowing how to contact emergency services or find the closest medical facility.

“Finding yourself without a wallet or passport, or an understanding of the local laws, with no way of contacting the local embassy is another problem, especially if you don’t speak the language.

“Travel Aware provides peace of mind in your pocket. The initial reaction we’ve received from travel industry, safety and insurance experts is that nobody should be leaving the country without this on their phone.”

The app is currently available to those from the top 10 travelling countries in the world – Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, France, Germany, Brazil and South Korea, and will be available to more countries soon, with additional upgrades already in development.

The App has undergone vigorous testing to ensure the accuracy of data, which is stored securely in the phone, meaning it can be accessed offline.

Travel Aware is available for Apple and Android phones for $3.99, which includes future upgrades including additional countries and translation languages.

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Close pennant competition

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THE matches in the North Gippsland bowls Saturday pennant highlighted just how close the competition is.

In section one, Sale Golf and Sale White drew, while Heyfield had its first win of the season, defeating Rosedale by three shots.

Maffra, after getting out to a 19-shot lead at the afternoon tea break, was hard pressed to hold off Stratford’s strong finish, getting over the line by six shots.

Sale Blue defeated Yarram by nine shots.

HEYFIELD claimed top spot in section two ahead of Sale White after its win over Stratford.

Maffra defeated Wurruk, Sale White defeated Sale Golf, and Yarram was too strong for Sale Blue.

IN section three, Yarram Gold’s win over Maffra knocked the latter from top to third on the ladder.

Yarram Green defeated Stratford, Rosedale defeated Heyfield, and Sale White had a one-shot victory over Sale Blue in another close encounter.

THERE will be two top of the table matches next Saturday, in section one, Sale White will host Maffra, and Yarram Gold will take on Rosedale in section three.

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Man charged over samurai sword attack

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POLICE are investigating whether a man charged with assaulting three people with a samurai sword and a chair during a violent neighbour dispute at The Junction was under the influence of the drug ice.

Police were called to Housing NSW flats on Parkway Avenueon Sunday morning following reports the suspect was being held by a group of residents.

It is alleged the man had been yelling out and threatening neighbours within the high-density housing complex for several days before one of his neighbours told him to quieten down.

Police will allege the man stormed the neighbour’s unit and assaulted the 51-year-old, beforeprodding a second man, who had come to the neighbour’s aid, in the elbow with the sword.

The suspect was physically removed from the unit, before returning and assaulting the two men, and a 23-year-old woman, with a chair.

He was again overpowered and held before police arrived.

The 44-year-old man was taken to John Hunter Hospital for treatment before being charged with aggravated break and enter with wounding and other assault counts.

Police said the man appeared to be well-affected by the drug ice.

He was refused bail to appear in Newcastle Local Court on Monday.

Roar goes up for Lyne’s first win

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VICTORY: Bourbski Fever races away to take out the $145,000 Bold Trease Final at Sandown Park. Photo: CLINT ANDERSON – BLUESTREAM PICTURES 1121bourbski


There was only one way Jason Lyne could describe Bourbski Fever’s cracking win in the $100,000-to-the-winner Bold Trease Final at Sandown Park on Friday night, with the Andrea Dailly trained bitch scorching home to claim the Bathurst Greyhound Racing Club manager his first Group 1 victory as an owner.

Bourbski Fever shot out of box three reasonably well, but trailed for the majority of the race as Lithgow Panther in the red bib and Thomas O’Donovan’s Ryno’s Raider forged ahead to set the pace.

Along with Joe Borg’s Come On Fantasy, an early trifecta loomed as a lock.

That was until the final turn of the 715 metre race, when Lyne’s two-year-old dog made her run.

And what a run it was.

From three wide, Bourbski Fever wound up and reeled in both Lithgow Panther and Ryno’s Raider with consummate ease to claim victory in the rich stayer’s race with a time of 41.918 seconds, with O’Donovan’s Shot finishing second in 41.991 seconds and Luna Jinx, trained by Gavin Harris, rounding out the places with a strong finish in a time of 42.086 seconds.

But, post race, it was all about Bourbski Fever.

“Once she hit the lead, the roar from the crowd … I don’t think I’ll ever forget it,” Lyne, a co-owner of the champions stayer, said.

“It’s one of those moments in life I never thought would happen. I didn’t think I’d ever have a dog good enough to run in a Group 1, let alone win one. It’s just been amazing.

“It’s something that I won’t forget.”

Lyne flew to Melbourne for the race, and arrived 15 minutes before the rich final after helping co-ordinate the Eight Day Games in Orange during the week.

“We’ve had a lot of support, before and after the win,” he added.

“The phone calls, text messages I’ve received have been great. I still can’t believe it.”

The win in the $145,000 race started a strong meeting for trainer Dailly, who also clinched victory in the Melbourne Cup Final. Dailly had champion Fernando Bale and Dyna Double One in the $600,000, 515m TAB Melbourne Cup Final, and it was the latter who stunned to claim victory.

Fernando Bale is widely regarded as the world’s best dog, having won in excess of a million dollars in prize money from 33 wins in 41 starts.

But it was Dyna Double One who pounced on victory, posting a time of 29.169 to claim victory ahead of Fernando Bale (29.198) and Angela Langston’s Black Illusion.

Clergate owner Cameron Hallinan’s Zipping Meg ended the race in fifth, in a time of 29.889.

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PHOTO GALLERY: The second annual WisH Day at Willmot Public School

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PHOTO GALLERY: The second annual WisH Day at Willmot Public School Splash of fun: Willmot Public School pupils Oscar Montalro, 11, and Amuor Malou, 11, enjoy one of the games on offer at WisH Day. Picture:Gene Ramirez

Splash of fun: Willmot Public School pupils Oscar Montalro, 11, and Amuor Malou, 11, enjoy one of the games on offer at WisH Day. Picture:Gene Ramirez

TweetFacebookThe Wild Warriors Terror.

It was the first collaborative performance at the school in more than a decade.

Students prepared items in drama, dance, drumming, choir and the new cheerleading group.

The piece was created in response to students’ wishes to explore the theme of safety.

Teachers Sarah Stevens and Alison Windsor created the production based on the needs of the wishes expressed at last year’s WisH Day.

“The common theme that came out of that was safety,” Ms Stevens said.

“We have three school mascots — Winnie, Wilbur and Wall-e — who represent safety, respect and learning. We based the performance on Winnie who represents safety in the community.”

Each student wrote down their wishes on an artwork to be displayed around the school.

Marzia Hashimi, 11, wished to go to university and become a doctor.

“My wish for the entire school was for it to be a fun place for everyone and my community wish for Willmot was for it to be a safer environment,” she said.

“We hope this becomes a permanent fixture in Willmot,” Ms Denham said. “Our goal is to make our school more than just education for students. We want to educate and connect parents and the community to services and give them a voice.”

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Kids assist Toys ‘n’ Tucker for Christmas

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Gift of giving: Year 6 school captains Samantha Durik and Bailey Stivala-Sillis with Christian Sappey and Chloe Jenkins. The children said they’re happy to donate toys to less-fortunate individuals. Picture: Janine Jones

Werrington Public School pupils have embraced the spirit of Christmas by supporting Anglicare’s Sydney’s Toys ‘n’ Tucker program to help less-fortunate families experience a joyful Christmas.

Werrington Public School will collect Christmas food and new toys to be packed into special Christmas hampers for families across Sydney and the Illawarra.

“We hope by participating in Toys ‘n’ Tucker our school community will help families, who are struggling especially at this time of year, to enjoy the spirit of Christmas,” organiser and Werrington Public School Parents and Citizens Association president Kimberley Culley said.

“We’ve been sending notes for the students to take home to their parents, putting up posters and using our school newsletter to promote our participation in the Toys ‘n’ Tucker collection drive,” she said.

Last year, Anglicare vans drove more than 540 hours and travelled almost 14,000 kilometres collecting an estimated $200,000 worth of food items and $500,000 worth of toys.

More than 2100 hampers were packed and thousands of families and children, who would have gone without, received bags of toys in time for Christmas.

Anglicare chief executive Grant Millard said the organisation appreciates the people who look after people in need this Christmas.

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